Foxy Friday: You Tell Us

Happy National Hairstyle Appreciation Day! Okay, it was yesterday. How this is 1) a holiday or 2) occurs without our say-so is a mystery, but it’s never too late to join in the, er, appreciating. Especially on a Friday. I’ve very scientifically chosen the photos below.  Browse them – and we mean Take. Your. Time. (For example, […]

Foxy Friday: Tristan Harper

47 feet of snow on the ground. People jumping off their roofs into snow banks.  Wind chills of -20F. While I suffer through this historic Boston winter, I got a little something to warm me (and you) up. (full disclosure: I am writing this post after a copious amount of sake. I am not responsible for my actions. […]

Tyler Tuesday: Weapon of Mass Distraction

My appreciation of all things Tyler Seguin is not news to anyone who reads this blog or follows us on the twitter. At first, my friends did not understand my love for #19/91.  They couldn’t see “it”.  But slowly, over time, their resolve weakened and they willingly joined me on the dark side.  I’ve welcomed […]

The NHL A(wk)wards

Two posts in two days? This place is like Santa’s Workshop! Last night was the annual NHL Awards, or as we like to call it: the NHL A(wk)wards. Normally an unfunny, bumblingly-hosted, C-list celebfest, last night’s show was most of those things again. But better, no? I confess to liberal use of the mute button, […]

Hey, Big Spender.

If we had to brainstorm events we’d pay good money for, Sidney Crosby delivering dessert and wine would be up there on the list. The Penguins’ annual Skates & Plates event was held last night, where the players wait tables, raise funds for charity and try not to spill food on people.  (I’d take care […]

Know When to Hold ‘Em

Someday I’ll go to a hockey team’s Casino Night.  Someday I’ll have $250 to spend on an event that doesn’t involve either Vegas or getting a tan.  Or they could move these to Vegas and I could do all three at once. The Caps and Islanders hosted casino nights last night.  The events benefit wonderful […]

Tyler Tuesday

Today marks what I hope will be a semi-annual feature extolling the virtues and magnificence of one very special person. Like my esteemed colleague Pants, and her undying love for Mike Green, my love and admiration for Tyler Seguin has become too great and all consuming for it to not have its own dedicated day. […]

Focus Features

If you’re the NHL’s First Star of the Week, you’re already having a time. It’s not really fair that you also look like this: Hi-res left/right Jeez, Stamkos.  Leave something for the mere mortals. These are (again) from the Sharp for Men November ’13 issue photo shoot.  You can download the issue for your iPad […]

Aaaaaaaaaaaand PUPPIES.

It’s been suggested the entire Penguins PR staff is made up of 20-something girls with excellent internet understanding. Based on today’s evidence, this court concurs. Penguins and Pets Calendar Shoot Puppies!  And cuddling!  And days of the week!  Wait, I got carried away.  Is this calendar delivered with an ice cream cake covered in sprinkles? […]

All the World’s a Stage

I got home and flipped on the TV last night and this was on.  There may have been shrieking. Tavares shows Roenick around the ice – NBC Sports Network (If you’re in Canada, enjoy this budget version filmed off my TV, complete with crickets singing outside.) I can promise you this will go on all […]

Fashion Island

The NY Islanders are really making a play for prominence both on the ice and in the New York media, all before their 2015 move to Brooklyn. I did not enjoy how close they came in last year’s playoffs vs. the Penguins.  But I do enjoy anyone taking on the the Rangers because, well, I […]

Interview with a…

Be honest. Henrik Lundqvist is probably a vampire. I read a lot of young adult fiction, which clearly qualifies me as an expert on this topic.  Not just Twilight, but Chuck and I are racing through The Mortal Instruments series and everyone’s saying we need to read Vampire Academy.  My point was proven yesterday when […]

Summer Nights

Oh for heaven’s sake.  Come home from tropical vacation, depressed about going back to work?  Sidney Crosby to the rescue. [Sorry y’all, copyrighted photos from this post were removed by request.  You’ll have the survive on screencaps from the CTV interview linked below.] Sid and Brand Marchand took part in the Phoenix Night of Champions […]

Rock Your Body

As promised, Joffrey Lupul is naked in ESPN Magazine: The Body Issue. Saved it from Puck Daddy because they named the file “nakedlupul1.jpg.” His name is still Joffrey, which is unfortunate.  I bet he gets chills whenever Arya whispers her list. Here’s a whole gallery of behind the scenes photos from this year’s Body Issue […]

Up Close and…

Check out these gorgeous pictures from Carmen Mandato Photography. Large, hi-res versions are on the website along with a few shots of other teams. People have asked if she’ll have prints available for sale.  She’s on Facebook too. God, don’t you just love hockey?  And wish you had longer eyelashes?  And feel relieved that no […]

Picture Perfect

Gabe Landeskog is featured in McDonald’s presents Time Out in Sports Illustrated, the same one that featured Intern Jeff Skinner a while back. We sent Jeff out of the office before watching this because he gets a little jealous.   Jealous of Gabe, I mean.  Not our reactions to Gabe, which are mostly me giggling […]

The 20/20 Experience

There was a moment in last night’s Caps’ game when Mike Green scored and I yelled, “I love you, you crazy looking hipster!” Now I see this and it’s all OneRepublic in here, “Is it too late to apologiiiiiiiiiize?” Deb (@DLF1021), what would I do without you sending me things? Mike is featured in this […]

Loosen Up My Buttons

We should get paid to test the critical mass of Twitter’s servers because when things like this happen, we do it for free. Jonathan Toews in today’s SPLASH Magazine from the Chicago Sun-Times. Is he in the shower?  What kind of newspaper insert is this?  It’s like the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog you have to be 18 […]

Skates, Plates & Prom Dates

Sweetie, your prom date is here. You’re dad’s thinking, “Whew.  My daughter’s safe with this dork.” Sorry to be late – the Penguins annual Skates & Plates benefit was a few days ago.  You know, the one where they get dressed up and try not to drop food on themselves, people, the floor give us […]

Buzz the Tower

Does the Tampa Bay Lightning team insurance cover mass heart attack when Steven Stamkos Tweets this picture? My kind of climate crisis. Before the close up, you have to sign a waiver saying it’s not my fault if you pass out, hit your head and prance off into an unconscious remake of Top Gun. Shirtless […]