G of the Year?

So no one can accuse us of anti-Flyers bias… I have to post this inconceivable Giroux goal from last night. It made SportCenter’s Top 10 plays – and not SportsCentre (say it like you’re French) that you Canadians have up north with your Cabbie and your highlights.  I’m talking about American SportsCenter where hockey might […]

Maniacal Laugh…

I know we’re only two weeks into the season and this won’t last.  I know that I am jinxing everything by even pointing it out, because one of these teams plays the Capitals tonight and the other plays the Penguins tomorrow. But: While I can, I have to enjoy this. Even this Instagram photo of […]

The No-Trade Claude

Honestly, sometimes the jokes write themselves. I was going to talk about Danny Briere’s concussion and No Trade Clause, but I typed “No Trade Claude.”  Why yes, that’s exactly what I meant. It’s April, the Flyers are last in the Atlantic and I… won’t say anything mean.  I still don’t like them and that’s all. […]

It’s Good to be… Rick Nash

Last night, my hockey/lumberjack boyfriend scored his 300th NHL goal. Rick Nash was all…   And I was all… Then Rick Nash scored his 301st career goal. He was all…   And I was all… Flyers did managed to score two goals – including one that one off of Jake Voracek’s face – but alas […]

Damn It, Danny.

Time for my daily existential Danny Briere-related crisis. The Caps are so frustratingly bad right now that I swore I would not go tonight’s game.  Despite taking 8 penalties in the first 34 minutes of last night’s match vs. Toronto, they managed to drag a one goal lead into the third period… and still blew […]

All Aboard the StruggleBus

One might have assumed my lockout-induced honeymoon period would last longer than four days. WRONG. Greetings from the StruggleBus.  Last night’s Capitals home opener looked a lot like their season opener in Tampa Bay.  As in: I reminded myself that the upside to losing is ticket prices stay low. The Caps are not, by any […]

Giroux Gets the G, er… C.

I’m swamped today, but there’s always time for this! Claude Giroux named Captain of the Flyers Of course, you know that already [Press Release].  Personally I would have gone with Briere (shocking).  Can our Flyer fan friends weigh on Claude’s locker room leadership type?  It’s certainly good marketing sense to make your highest profile player […]

Do the Right Thing

This is a few days old, but the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. It doesn’t hurt if you’ve got a smile like Flower’s, either. Also doing good work for the holidays – the Blackhawks, helping the Greater Chicago Food Depository [link]. Jon’s getting way too much hand-in-pocket […]

Frown with Love

Ladies and gentlemen, Ewan McGregor. Nope.  Claude Giroux, how dare you cut your glorious, unruly mop of hair?  And honestly, how small is your waist?! But really. It’s not exactly the right style, but I burst into a chorus of Weezer’s “Buddy Holly” when I first saw these pictures.  This hair is made for 50′s […]

Max Talbot Saves the Day

Max Talbot will be the hero of this lockout. Flyer or not, we cannot live with him in this terrible time. Hold on, I can’t stop laughing. Max is one commercial away from being the Old Spice guy at this point.  Sexy as all get out, no shame and knows that women love a guy […]

We Are Never, Ever, Ever…

Lockout, Day 11: Anger Management  Since I have nothing better to do than troll the internet while self-medicating with Taylor Swift songs, I’ve found a few gems.  The kind that make you smile and cry at the same time. Bleacher Report: 50 Storylines the NHL Lockout is Making Us Miss It took me a few […]

This is not really happening.

Lord.  The Flyers signed Shea Weber to a $110 million, 14-year offer sheet.  I’ve only been awake for four hours and I’m already sick of this. In non-140 character speak, he has accepted their offer to be paid like this: The Predators have seven days to match the offer.  If they don’t, they’ll get 4 […]

Jersey Sure

The fates came out of their hole, looked for their shadows and decreed we shall see more of this: And no more of this: Okay, maybe one more: We extend sympathies to our Flyers fans.  Yes really, even though I hate them.  Losing sucks no matter if you’re my team or a great looking guy […]


Claude Giroux needed to count to ten (in French) before throwing this hit in last night’s loss to New Jersey: What do you think – Shanabanned?  I would not be surprised.  Zubris has long since passed the puck and G seems to wait until after the shoulder hit is available, then go straight for his […]

The Case for Danny Briere

Lindsay tried to warn Chuck about this last night – I’m surprised Chuck didn’t lock me out of here today! It’s not that serious, but I’ve got a recurring problem: every time I hear the Rascal Flatts song “Banjo,” I get really excited and start rocking out in my car.  It’s a good 30 seconds […]

Shanabanned: Who's Not?

At Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon in Austin, TX, every Sunday night they play Chicken Sh*t Bingo.  It’s exactly what it sounds like – feed a chicken, turn it loose on a tabletop bingo board and wherever it takes a crap, that number goes on the board. I’m pretty sure this is also how the NHL […]

Weekend Hangover

I don’t hate fighting as much as some other people. What I dislike is hypocrisy. Philly has never made any apologies for who they are. What shocked me was  Matt Cooke managed to stayed out of the fray. Pittsburgh needs to decide quickly if they are going to play as a team to stay in […]

One Down

I thought an all-consuming work event on the first night of the NHL Playoffs was a terrible thing.  Instead it saved me from having to watch the Penguins blow a 3-goal lead and lose in OT to the Flyers.  Even my phone and Blackberry died when it was 3-0 – I should have seen the […]

Because It's The Cup Campaign

So when this campaign started the feedback was terrible so they adjusted it STAT because it was like the MasterCard ad, the Hockey Discover Card and “I Just Want My Pants Back” had a drunken three way, someone got pregnant and no one wanted to take responsibility for the monster that came of it. Hockey fans will […]

We Don't Like You Either!

If you weren’t watching the Penguins/Flyers game yesterday afternoon, you probably wondered what that noise was.  It was the rest of us screaming. I could (and will) watch this all day.  The amount of awesome cannot be expressed.  Even Pierre is speechless.  I wish they’d kept his mic live so we could hear Laviolette screaming. […]